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make that picture look sharper and more vivid or just get creative with your Live-stream
write your own patrol script or snapshot schedule, reprogram the camera, make it yours
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Timed snapshots and recording, video / audio / ptz control, social sharing, private cams
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Stream live video, the main purpose of creating spycam.io. Just like the popular iPhone apps, Meerkat and Periscope, with spycam.io one button begins the live streaming of your video. While the Meerkat app Android version is still in the works - just like the Periscope app Android - spycam.io will run on any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. spycam.io is not a Meerkat clone nor a Periscope clone script, it's just somewhat similar. The Meerkat (and Periscope) app is using Twitter to share your livestreams and both are native iOS apps, enabling you to stream live videos from your mobile phone. spycam.io is a web-app that will run on any device and will access any connected WebCam, USB camera, iSight camera or even a CCTV IP camera, PnP and non-PnP, both WiFi and PoE, giving you new opportunities for live streaming and opening new horizons. spycam.io lets you share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google +, Pinterest and Tumblr (YouTube soon). Read the periscope vs meerkat review and find out the differences, pros and cons, together with a comparison to spycam.io's features. You can read more objective details about Meerkat and Periscope by visiting the periscope app wiki page or simply by googling for "meerkat vs periscope vs spycam.io".
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